Yahoo! tells us why we squirt baby bottle milk on our wrists

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Baby bottle temperature testerI love the Clips feature in Google Mail. It shows me interesting URLs I might not have found by my own devices. Take this one from Ask Yahoo!. (Yes, Ask Yahoo! is one of the default feeds for Gmail. Welcome to the weird, wild world of the 21st-century info economy, folks!) Some inquisitive reader wondered why we squirt baby bottle milk on our wrists to test its temperature.

Wanna guess? Oh come on, take a guess...

If you guessed it's because the skin on your wrist is thinner than on your hands, you're...right! What you may not have known is that your elbow is also a prime testing spot for warm milk. Or you could bypass your body altogether and put your baby's safety in the hands of these baby bottle temperature indicators. Oh, rapacious capitalism dressed in the sheep's clothing of science, what would we ever do without you??

(On another note, do you think this company could have made their product photo a little, you know...phallic? Yes, I know, I'm terrible...)

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