Blogging Baby Size Six: Tips for a great babymoon

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One year ago today, my husband and I set off on our "babymoon" to Belize, a last quiet, romantic time together before our first baby was to be born.

Today as I slogged hiked through a muddy Portland park with my baby jogger, dog tied obediently to the side, I recalled fondly the 10 days we spent in warm, bored bliss (I spent most of my time in the pool drinking various colors of Fanta, the closest thing to a pregnancy-friendly alternative to Belikin, Belize's national beer). I thought I'd pass on a few ideas for a successful babymoon, for those first time parents to be who are considering such a trip.

1. Time it carefully. Too late in the pregnancy, and mama will have horrible heartburn, or like Beth spend her whole babymoon heading for the loo. We went at 25 weeks, and I think we hit it just right. About three weeks later, I was put on bed rest and we wouldn't have been able to go.

2. Go somewhere where there is nothing to do. Being bored is something you will likely not experience again for a long time. If you go on a babymoon packed with activities like museums and shows, you'll miss out on a chance for peace, quiet, and nothingness.

3. Stay in the same place the whole time. There is something extravagantly peaceful about knowing you don't have to pack up everything and move again every couple of days. We spent 10 days in a simple but beautiful cabana, and we only went places we could walk to that whole time.

4. If you're a worry wart, go somewhere with fewer things to worry about. I worry a lot, and a little peninsula in Belize posed some challenges for me that I could have done without. The closest NICU was in Texas, and the only way to not get eaten alive by mosquitoes was a mysterious gas-producing machine called a VAPE, which I worried about every night when we plugged it in (the alternative being hundreds of bites and the worry of West Nile virus).  All in all, worrying was a minor part of my trip. But it was there.

5. Do things you might not make time for later.  I don't necessarily mean sleeping or sex, but think of the optional things that make life sweet. Hold hands and sit together at dusk, stargaze, read a really long book, work on a complex needlework project or crossword puzzle, or just talk about things that don't involve poop.

6. Try not to be too driven about power-resting. It's an amazing adventure you're getting ready for with your first baby, and a restful trip is a great idea. I could have easily ruined mine by trying to make it too perfect, but luckily I gave in and actually rested. I'm so glad now.

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