Britney Spears admits she "made a mistake," but is that really enough?

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By now we've all seen these pics of Britney Spears driving her SUV with her four-month-old son Sean in her lap. At first, Britney (or her publicist) explained, that she was "terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger.... I love my child and would do anything to protect him." Now that she probably won't be charged with endangering her child, Britney tells Access Hollywood, "I made a mistake and so it is what it is, I guess" People magazine has the full story.

"It is what it is?!?!"  "I guess?!?!" You mean, stupid? I bet she wouldn't sound so smug if something happened to her son while she was driving. Celebrities crash their cars all the time because of "aggressive paparazzi."  I'm going to say it: she should have had that child in a car seat, no excuses.  In fact, I don't even care what the excuses are. I realize that there are countries in the world that don't require car seats and in New York people hop into cabs all time without car seats...This is different. Britney has one. The situation was dangerous. She didn't use it. If she got into the car while holding her child, and managed to get herself situated in the driver's seat, again, while holding the child, then she definitely had time to strap Sean into his seat. And notice she's not wearing a seat belt herself. Why? Because it's haaaard to strap on a seat belt while holding a floppy baby in your lap, y'all!

She'd "do anything to protect him?" I would have had my bodyguard (the one in this photos shown yacking on the cell phone) beat off the paparazzi so that I could get my child properly restrained. In fact, I would have done it myself. (According to X17,  the agency that took the photos, there were only two photographers there thay day. Not "a throng.")

Everytime I see these pictures I get angry. The first thought that flashes through my mind is, "What if?..." I shudder to think. As someone who had both her infant and convertible child seats checked thoroughly by the CHP upon installation, this just irritates me. Britney should be made and example of.  The continued special treatment for celebrities who put innocent children in harm's way is ridiculous. If this were anyone else—a father, a nanny, a friend of the family, the bodyguard—would we be letting her/him off the hook so easily?

[photos: X17]

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