Teaching kids to tie their shoes

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My daughter is in second grade, she's one of the youngest in the class granted but she still has not learned to tie her shoes. I remember learning this skill in kindergarten with several boards on the wall and puzzles left out for us to play with. But it seems they haven't covered it in Madison's school, same goes for my son who will be five in March.

I really need to teach my daughter how to do this, but I honestly have no idea how to teach her to do it. Any tips out there? I came across this website which may help us and this one as well (who knew how much information one could write about shoelaces), but tell me what worked for you? How did you teach your kids to tie their own shoes.

With velcro and slip on shoes all over the place, it makes me wonder if shoe tying will go the way of cursive handwriting.

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