Potty training update: the great poop adventure continues

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curious george the bribeFor the past three weeks, I've been holding forth one heck of a bribe in the continuing potty-training poop battles (if you haven't kept track, Everett, at three-and-a-half, has been doing great with the pee, not so great with the poop). It's the Curious George movie.

Everett has never been to a movie in a theater, and he doesn't even know how awesome this is going to be. He does know that he loves Curious George, the trailers on the Disney Channel say so (oh, you marketers, how I bless and curse you!). He also has been told that, if he goes poop in the potty and not in his underwear or pants or on the floor (the laundry here: you don't want to know), he gets to go see the movie.

At first, I set up a "from now 'til the movie opens" bribe. That was blown on an almost daily basis, so I revised: two times. Just twice.

As I type this, Everett is sitting on the potty! He went himself, without needing to be prompted or asked or telling me that his "poop feeling went away" (always followed within 30 minutes by a major accident). No poop on his underwear. No poop on his pants. No poop on the floor. No poop down his legs! I want to cheer and sing glory to the heavens.

And Everett, he only has to do this one more time to go to Curious George. I cannot wait.

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