The trouble with Trouble

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Friday night we needed to spend some family time so we decided to play a few games together, Madison chose Trouble.

We played Trouble from 7:30 Friday night until 4 o'clock this morning. We played so long when the game finally ended Madison, my seven-year-old, had to leave for college. Max was dating when it was over and Logan and I retired to Hawaii.

I didn't realize how long this game would go on, but it went on so long I have vowed never to play Trouble again. My friend removes specific cards from the deck when playing Candyland with her kids. There is nothing worse than getting to Molasses Swamp and being sent back to the Peppermint Forest. We have better luck with the Cranium games, they're a little more engaging for everyone.

Which games do you have the most fun playing with your kids (and how old are the kids are you playing with)?

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