Baby Einstein exposed?

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baby einstein looI don't even know where to begin on this post; there are so many sides to the story. Should your babies watch TV? Are Baby Einstein videos essential to brain development? Are TV and videos just good babysitters? Is it bad that you think TV and videos are good babysitters?

The author of this web exclusive article on Mothering's site has done extensive research on Baby Einstein and their claims. Why? Because having a company tell her that her baby would develop better by watching these videos just didn't sit right with her. And she found out some pretty interesting things, like studies to debunk claims that Baby Einstein's Language Nursery can help teach your child another language.

So what is the author saying? That no video can ever take the place of human interaction in a child's development. Her answer to video as babysitter is to instead involve your kids in whatever task you are doing, as a helper. And I think this is a good suggestion once your child reaches a certain age.

Overall, the author's message is to tell moms they don't need to feel pressure from multi million dollar companies to be a different type of mom than their gut tells them to be. And any advice that tells you to listen to your gut as a parent is worth its weight in gold.

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