Parents battling over circumcising their eight-year-old

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It's not that rare:  two parents arguing over whether their son should be circumcized.  Unfortunately, with these two parents, the battle is so heated, they've landed themselves in court.

The issue?

Their son is EIGHT.

Mom, apparently, wants to go forward with the circumcision, stating two doctors recommended the procedure for health reasons.  Dad calls the procedure an "unnecessary amputation," and wants the circumcision prohibited.  Unfortunately, there's no precedence for this in Cook County, so the judge has ordered Mom to wait until he can hear Dad's argument.


Okay, see, I have a daughter, so this was never an issue in our house.  But it just seems to me that there ought to be a "window of opportunity" for doing this kind of procedure, and, it seems to me, this window should've passed LONG before the kid reached the age of EIGHT.

Shouldn't it?

Thanks to Christina of A Mommy Story for the tip!

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