Still drinking bottle at 4: how bad is it?

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I have a confession to make. My boys are 4 now, and they still drink milk from a bottle every morning. I have tried cups and the boys are not reluctant. The problem is that they can drink 300ml of milk from the bottle, and not even a third of that from a cup. And as a mother of premature babies who used to keep a detailed journal about "who ate how much at what time," I have to admit it upsets me that they may not get enough.

Sean and Will each have a bottle in the morning. I have always thought that it was important that they drink a lot of milk, but I have read lately that continuous bottle-feeds affect teeth alignment and that kids can also develop cavities. I want to set a new morning routine and have my kids drink milk from a cup, but how can I make the transition without stressing about it?

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