Actress who played Full House's middle child "Stephanie Tanner" was a meth addict

You may remember her as "Stephanie Tanner" from the hit sitcom Full House, or her catch phrase "How rude!" (totally stolen by Jar Jar Binks a few year later). Child actress Jodie Sweetin portrayed the young, innocent middle child who lived in a San Francisco Victorian with her wacky non-nuclear family. But in real life, after the show ended she became dangerously addicted to methamphetamines. While her precocious little twin TV sisters the OlsensTM were forging their billion dollar straight to DVD film empire, Sweetin was going on three day meth benders and says she was using meth every day.

Last year foul-mouthed comedian and aficianado of hilarious American home videos Bob Saget staged an intervention attended by her Full House cast mates Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, John Stamos and possibly the chubby Canadian Uncle Joey guy. Sweetin checked herself in to a drug rehab facility where she went underwent six weeks of intense treatment. Sweetin has been clean and sober since March of last year and now wants to get back into acting.

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