Money-savvy pig

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Yesterday, as I was daydreaming about what to do with US$365 million, I was kindly slapped back to reality by Caitlin, who turned me onto this fantastic Money-Savvy pig.  Rather than wait for the millions to roll in the lottery way, I could use this clever porcine figure to save some money -- and teach my daughter how to manage her money as well.  Unlike the traditional single slot of most piggy banks, this pig has four slots, each labeled "save," spend," "donate" and "invest," accordingly.  Each chamber, once filled, exits through a different piggy-foot.  And at only US$15.99 each, the price is more than worth the lesson it teaches.

The company ships to all 50 of the United States (including APO/FPO address), U.S. territories and Canada only.  Pity -- they won't ship to our home. 

But I'll find a way.  Because once I do, I'll finally have something to do with all my infernal pennies.

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