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My online buddy Mir tipped me to the coolest thing I have ever seen... Zubbles!  These fabulous coloured bubbles aren't available yet, but when they are, watch out -- every kid on your block will be clamouring for them.

Tim Kehoe, the inventor of the Zubbles, spent 11 years and half a million dollars trying to come up with the perfect coloured bubble.  He ruined clothes.  He suffered chemical burns.  He even stained the whites of his eyes deep blue.  And when he  came up with something that looked like it could work, once the coloured bubble popped, they left a nasty stain -- so it was back to the drawing board.  The problem to solve:  How do you make the colour disappear?

Well, Tim eventually managed to do it, and at the end of last year, he sold a license to his invention to Spin Masters Ltd.  Tim anticipates that the Zubbles will be available at major retail stores all over the United States, but for now, we'll just have to look at the cool videos on the Zubbles website.

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