Britney: Can't you sit down and feed your baby?

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Danielle over at Celebrity Baby Blog recently editorialized about Britney Spears' friend's claim that she's a "hands-on mom," and included links to photos of Britney at a mall with her nanny feeding baby Sean Preston behind her.

I don't know why, but this photo makes me sad.

Yes, she is a celebrity that is constantly being chased down by stalkerazzi.  She's obviously in a public place, and may not have felt safe sitting at a bench or in a restaurant to feed the baby.

Having nursed in a sling all over town, I know that there are times when baby just needs to eat. But something about the baby being fed on an escalator with his mother looking so disconnected seems a little...I don't

I'm trying to keep in mind that Britney is a not only a new mom, but also a huge star. Sure, every move she makes is going to be scrutinized, but can't she slow down for a second to feed that baby? Or at least look like she cares?

[photo: Dana's Dirt]

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