Bad diaper rash means naked day and lots of clean up

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My poor, sensitive-skinned toddler.  "Wallie" has had a wicked diaper rash for the past couple of days. Every moment we're at home she's gone diaperless. I'm loathe to put a diaper on her, even if she is slathered with creams and lotions to protect her skin.

Today I've decided to combat the angry, red bumps by staying home and letting her have a naked day.  Which means I'm (ahem) doing a lot of wiping up after her. (Thank goodness for hardwood floors.) I've only managed to step in a puddle once.  If it were warmer, we'd be outside.

Do you have a diaper rash-prone kid? Do tomatoes, oranges, or other acidic foods cause problems for your child? What do you do to soothe your rashy babe?

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