Is there such a thing as coupons for healthy food?

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Like many of you, I try to save money when I grocery shop. I clip coupons, buy sale items, try to avoid buying lots of processed foods, choose bulk foods, and, in general, I try to feed my family as healthfully and economically as I can. Like many of you, organic foods are important so I am willing to spend a little more for organic milk and fruit, for example, at the expense of other things.

As I sit here making my grocery list and sorting through the coupons I've clipped this week, I get so frustrated that there aren't more "healthy" coupon choices. If I shop at health food-only stores, I can take advantage of their in-house coupons, but the prices are certainly higher than at my regular supermarket.

I don't have any brand loyalty to things like toothpaste or cleaning supplies so I will always use those coupons.  I just wish that sometimes I could have extra savings on things like Van's waffles (one of the processed items I don't mind buying), healthy cereal choices, or organic milk.

Do "healthy coupons" exist?  Am I just looking in the wrong place?  Got any tips to share?

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