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oshkosh logoDo you have an OshKosh outlet store near you? If you do, you'll want to rush in soon. Their clearance merchandise is now 75% off, but they have a fun deal on their new spring items, too. You can mix and match and the more pieces you buy, the more you save. If you buy one or two items, you get 25% off, three items get you 40% off and four or more items a whopping 50% off. Come on, you know what size your kid will be in a few months; what have you got to lose? The sale is only for a limited time, but they don't specify how long that is, so I say get there quickly.

Another tip -- there is no place on their website to sign up for their newsletter, but if you tell the cashier at the store to make sure you are signed up, you'll get coupons, normally for 20% off one item, every month or so. They count for sale items, so you could potentially get 70% off one item with a coupon right now. Well, that is practically free . . .

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