How do you distinguish between grandparents? And other pressing issues

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everett and his other grandpa and
grandmaMy husband's grandma is visiting, and since his mother died last year, she's the grandma-of-record on the paternal side of the family. We call her "Grandma Pat" because "great grandma" seemed too... old for her.

For the few days before she arrived, we explained to Everett how his Grandma Pat was daddy's grandma, and his other Grandma and Grandpa were mom's mother and father. "But where is mama's grandma?" he asked, curiously. I couldn't think of any other option. "Both of mama's grandmas are gone, sweetie," I said. "They're dead!" said dad cheerfully. Everett barely blinked. "But am I going to see my other grandma and grandpa?" he asked. Guess we dodged that bullet... for today.

I was worried, though, that the distinction would confuse Everett. I don't know why. As soon as she walked in the door, it was "Grandma PAAATTT!" in an excited voice that seemed like... well, like he was coached. "I love you, Grandma Pat," he said a few minutes later. Totally not coached. I swear it.

The Grandma Pat moniker, then, works for me. I still don't know what to do with my own parents. I don't see the need for "Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Tom," and "Grandma and Grandpa Gilbert" seems way too formal. But "other grandma" is so impersonal. How do you distinguish between the grandparents in your life?

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