Value of 'Mommy Blogs' from non-mom

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There's often a ridiculous amount of ire in the blogosphere toward mothers who blog. At Blogher last year, at the end of a long day of snickered comments about the [eyeroll] Mommy Blogs, someone pointed out that we shouldn't just write 'Mommy Blogs' we should do something important.

This raised a whole lot of hackles in the room and the issue has continued to be rehashed ever since. Which is why I was interested to read this piece at Whinging It about the value of Mommy Blogging in the eyes of a woman who has chosen to remain childless.

She talks about how Blogging's relatively anonymous medium has given women (and men, don't forget the Daddy Bloggers...) the freedom to express the incredibly complex set of emotions which come with parenting. Not just to a few select friends, but to the public at large. As 'Whinger' says, "Moms can now publicly declare that perhaps being a mother is not the end-all and be-all of womanhood." (Paging Ms. Huffman!)

At the end of that Blogher meeting Alice of Finslippy stood up and confidently told an entire room full of women that, "Writing about motherhood can be a radical act." Then I cried, because she's so right.

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