The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged French Tennis Player-Drugging Dad

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Did the world learn nothing from the Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom?  From  the trial has begun in France for a man accused of drugging the opponents of his tennis-player son.  According to the report, Christophe Fauviau is accused of spiking the water bottles of 27 tennis rivals of his children, using the drug Temesta, an anti-anxiety medication which causes drowsiness.  Nine of the kids who were victimized were under the age of 15.  As a result of the drugging, one of the kids beaten by the accused's daughter died in a car crash, after becoming drowsy behind the wheel of the car.

Upon his arrest in 2003, Mr. Fauviau admitted to spiking the kids' bottles.  A verdict in the case is expected March 10th.

Thanks to Caitlin for the tip!


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