Topless sunbathing

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Because we live in the tropics, the beach plays a pretty big part in our family time together.  And even though my two-year-old, Alex has an assortment of bikinis and swimsuits given to her by overzealous aunties, I often just dress her in swimmer-diapers and let her run around the beach topless.  I mean, come on, she's two.

I will tell you, though, that her topless sunbathing days are numbered.  Don't get me wrong:  I've been known to sunbathe topless in countries where it's acceptable to do so:  however, in countries where the culture doesn't allow for such freedom (and Trinidad is one of those countries), I would never think of it.  And even though Alex won't hit puberty for many years to come (I hope), I can't help but think there's something ... unseemly, maybe?... about seeing a little girl topless on the beach after, say, the age of 5.  I have no idea why.  Is it some sort of need to teach propriety at an early age?  Prudishness?  An irrational fear of inciting pedophilia?  Who knows -- I can't explain it.

What about you -- at what age did you ensure your daughter start putting her bathingsuit top on?

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