Gay Penguin book moved from library shelves

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I've been loving this story of Tango the penguin and his two dads since I read about the little family at DaddyTypes almost a year ago. Two male penguins, Roy and Silo, are living in a committed relationship at the Central Park Zoo. Zookeepers notice the couple trying to incubate a rock and give them an abandoned egg to hatch between the two of them. Tango is born from this union.

The book has been moved from the children's fiction shelves at a Missouri public library after two parents expressed concerns about the book's homosexual overtones. A librarian at the library says the book has been moved to the non-fiction shelves to decrease the chances a reader would be "blindsided" by the story.

Hey, they're gay penguins and they incubated a baby, who was abandoned by its (apparently heterosexual) mother parents, together.

How absolutely horrifying.

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