Mommy Blogs reduced to "Baby-Offs"

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Last week I shared a non-mom's point of view about the parent blog genre. She had such nice and positive things to say. And then, I read this.

The Globe and Mail with Rebecca Eckler takes on the Mommy Blogs in a new column "chronicling the extremes of competitive parenting". Somehow blogs, according to the author, fall in this category? The author seems to feel this genre is simply another chance for mothers to one up each other.

"Some mommy bloggers get 5,000 hits a day. Well, I'll get 6,000!"

So we've now gone from writing about motherhood honestly and openly as a feminist and radical act to blogging as another example of competitive parenting. I'd like to think someone is missing the point here, maybe it's me and the sarcastic humor is going right over my head. (Thanks Jen!)

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