Moms and moms-to-be shine at the Oscars

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Last night, in between trying to get dinner ready, kids bathed, and put to bed, I watched the Oscars. Maybe I am biased, but I thought the women that looked the most beautiful, most relaxed, and most centered were the mamas.

Michelle Williams gets my vote for best...everything. Best dress (thank you for choosing something other than a "neutral," and for pulling it off), best hair, best make-up, best smile. In the pre-show, it was nice to hear Heath Ledger say that he didn't need an Oscar because he had Michelle and their baby daughter Mathilda.

Jennifer Garner, mama to baby Violet, almost tripped as she approached the microphone. Never mind. She recovered quickly and quipped that she "does all her own stunts." She also proudly showed off her"productive" assets.

Hooray for Reese! She's a mother of two and when interviewed before the show, she said that she was allowing six-year-old Ava to stay up late and watch the Oscars. I bet she's glad she did. I wasn't crazy about her dress, but Reese was positively glowing as she collected her award for Best Actress for Walk the Line.

Meryl Streep also looked radiant in a moment of acting brilliance with Lily Tomlin. Ad-libbing and improving in a tribute to Robert Altman, I found that I couldn't take my eyes off her.  She is so beautiful, so serene, so earth-motherly. She pulled off a plunging neckline and still looked tasteful and elegant.

And finally, Rachel Weisz accepted her Best Supporting actress award for The Constant Gardener while seven-months pregnant. She was also exuding confidence and beauty last night. In the movie, she wore a prosthetic pregnant belly that looked so realistic, people thought she was really pregnant.

It was a great night for the mamas at the Oscars!

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