Telling your own story -- how do you do it?

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When I was dating my husband Marcus, I remember him one day pulling out a beautiful old photo album that he had -- I believe it was created by one of his uncles.  In it, there were some fantastic black and white photos -- some of them personal snapshots, some of them purchased post cards -- all mounted on black paper.  They were shots of a trip taken into Scandinavia during the wintertime in the 50's, and the author had written his impressions of his trip in white ink on the paper surrounding the photos.  It was absolutely stunning, and as I turned the fragile pages, I remember feeling like I'd walked back into time.

As you know, recently I created a life book for my daughter, Alex.  And, of course, I blog about my family's life at Chookooloonks.  But both of these media forms are about my daughter's life, and my life as a parent.  I'd love one day, for her to discover the other parts of me too, the parts that are unrelated to my being her mom.  The part of me that's her father's wife.  Or a writer.  Or a lawyer.

For this reason, I'm becoming rather obsessed with learning more about private journaling, or making time capsules, or other forms of "keepsaking" -- things that hopefully, my adult daughter will read or pour over, and discover things about me that she may not have learned in our roles as parent and daughter. 

Does this make sense?  And if so, what do you do to preserve those parts of you for your children and grandchildren to discover later?

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