Gatorade erodes teeth faster than soda

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Soda's been under fire quite a bit lately as the primary cause of the downfall of mankind. Or, you know, a reason for the obesity epidemic among children. With all the sugar and carbonation in soda it's been a given that it's bad for teeth. I was surprised though to read that Gatorade, the sports soft drink, is as bad for tooth erosion as sugar rich Coke.

Researchers are quick to point out that Gatorade is not actually worse than other drinks, but it is as bad which may surprise many parents (myself included). In the study Gatorade was the most corrosive when tested on extracted teeth, significantly more corosive than Red Bull or Coke.

I probably should have titled this post: "Gatorade Will Rot The Teeth From Your Head!" To snag more readers with fear.


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