What's a night out without the kids worth?

MoneyIn our neighborhood, demand for babysitters woefully outstrips supply. Fortunately, they have almost zero business acumen, one of the few things about the public education system for which I can be thankful. They could charge virtually whatever they like, and yet when we manage to find one, they don't even negotiate a rate up front. Part of me thinks this is a shrewd and devious babysitting strategy: pretending not to care about the money makes us want to pay more. Like that's the first thing they learn when they join the babysitting cabal. But whatever it is, it works. At the end of the night we've usually enjoyed ourselves so thoroughly and we listen suspiciously to the stories about children behaving "perfectly" and we want so desperately for the sitter to volunteer to come back again that we're practically throwing money at them all the way out to the street. After emptying our wallets, we pelted the last one with whatever spare change we had in our pockets as she sped away in her car, tires squealing, just trying to launch a little extra into her open windows.

Is it the same in your neighborhood? What's the hourly rate for a sitter where you live?

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