New TV series on midwifery

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discovery health logoAre you addicted to TLC's A Baby Story? Well, you haven't seen a show that celebrates childbirth like House of Babies, which airs on Discovery Health. The unscripted show, depicting births at a Florida birth center and midwifery school, celebrates natural childbirth.

OK, you can tune in to A Baby Story and occasionally get a lovely natural childbirth. But for the most part, you are viewing a laboring woman laying on her back in a hospital bed, hooked up to an epidural, along with various tubes and monitors. Surely that won't give you your fix of the amazing power of women, childbirth and nature at its finest. Yep, I'm the proud husband of a wife who birthed our healthy son naturally in a birth center. Biased? You bet, but I couldn't imagine helping my baby be born in a place designed for sick people when we were a low risk birth.

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