Teaching my kids how to wipe their bottoms (and I thought potty training was hard)

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"Mooooommy! I'm fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinished!"

My son's voice is still echoing off the walls of the bathroom, yet he's already happily showing me his bottom so I can wipe it.

Sean and Will got out of diapers a little before their 3rd birthday. When they started school 6 months later, the teachers warned us that we had to teach them how to wipe their bottoms, twice, because with 25 kids each, this was something they just could not handle alone. This is when I decided to begin my personal crusade for my children's autonomy and clean bottoms armed with boxes of Pampers Kandoo flushable wipes.

Soon though, I was facing a cruel dilemma. I don't know if it's a genetic, family-related issue, but my boys' arms seem to be too short for them to wipe their bottoms adequately. So I had to make a decision: keep encouraging my boys and buy more underwear briefs or do it myself and pray that they don't have any bowel movement at school.

6 months later, I'm still here, watching my son's bottom facing the ceiling and waiting for me to give it permission to exit the bathroom.

Please. Help. Me.

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