Mom cliques - are you the Queen Bee?

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Author and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Joan Ryan recently wrote: "It is said that we never really leave high school. The workplace is high school with cubicles. Our neighborhoods are high school with cocktail parties." She left out motherhood, which in my experience is by far the biggest high school scene. Ever.

Parenting magazine's April issue just came in the mail and there's an excerpt from Rosalind Wiseman's book, Queen Bees & Wannabes, where Wiseman riffs on the mom clique world. She assigns labels to moms - Queen Bees, Sidekick Moms, Starbucks/Sympathy Moms, Torn Wannabes and Desperate Wannabes, Steamrolled Moms, Reformed Moms, Floater Moms, and a category for those moms that are "the left out" crowd.

Wiseman characterizes the floater as a moms who "already went through this ridiculous drama when they were girls--and they're not going to waste their on another parent who still acts like she's running for prom queen." Yup, that's me. I'm not fond of chick cliques. In fact, I run from them like a cat trying to evade animal control.

I honestly don't buy into the popular credo that there is a mommy war, but the mom clique? It's so very real and can be even more damaging than some random woman I don't know who pontificates that a mother's place is in the home. Mom cliques are in your face, everyday. At school drop off, at the park, at birthday parties. You start to wonder when folks will ever reallly grow up.

What do you think of mom cliques? Are you in one? Do you avoid them? Have you been spurned by one?

Note: The April issue of Parenting is not yet available online.

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