Fatherhood Magazine: for young, urban dads

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Dads:  feeling a bit left out of the target market for most parenting magazines?  Well, feel ignored no more:  Anwan Wesley, a Pittsburgh father of two is doing what he can to rectify the situation by launching his new parenting magazine, "Fatherhood." 

According to TimesLeader.com, the idea came to Wesley while he was in an obstetrician's waiting room with his pregnant girlfriend:  "there were plenty of parenting magazines aimed at women. But there was nothing for young men trying to help rear children in an urban environment."

"The motivation for me was to help the kids, because I see the kids out here suffering," Wesley said. "I see the mothers are out here doing a lot of the work, and I see the fathers are not around at all in most cases.  I have two sons (Amari, 1 1/2, and Tawan, 6) and I'll do anything for them, and I would like all kids to have a father like that who would sacrifice anything for them."

TimesLeader continues by saying the publication will  feature articles on young, expecting and single fathers, children's health, men's health and fitness, finances, music, movie and book reviews, education, fashion, influential people, spirituality, fathers' rights and other issues.

I think this is an amazing idea.  You go, man.

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