Let's talk about sex, baby

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How comfortable would you be having your teenager learn about sex from other teenagers?  Well, that's exactly what may be happening at Copthall School in England starting today.  According to ThisisHertfordshire.co.uk, the all-girls secondary school is launching a website entitled "Let's Talk About Sex," aimed at providing frank answers and advice in response to anonymous questions. 

Callum Jacobs, a teacher at the school, and the faculty advisor for the project, said "Students want to ask questions to other students and they want the answers to be credible. I expect we will have a range of reactions from parents.  I would imagine the majority will be supportive but there will always be less enlightened parents who would like the whole issue of sex to be ignored."

In addition to the information provided by the students, there will also be links to other relevant sites such as Childline, the British Pregnancy Advisory Centre and NHS Direct.

Personally, I think this is great -- but then again, my daughter isn't anywhere near an age where we're discussing sex yet.  What do you think?

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