Strollers not welcome at Wynn Las Vegas hotel

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Tipster Juliana alerts us to a new policy banning non-guest strollers at the new Wynn Las Vegas hotel. HotelChatter (in a very baby-unfriendly article, I might add) quotes Chris Baldwin, a golf blogger who observed this policy, as saying, "If you're not a guest, strollers are forbidden, but you can go over and wait in line to have it checked by the bellhop, who clearly lets everyone know he has better things to do."

Baldwin goes on to say that "Wynn Las Vegas' well-dressed stroller patrol is turning off guests. Most ridiculously of all, they are even stopping strollers from going into the small mall connected to the Wynn."

This policy seems absurd. I realize that Wynn (a luxury resort) is catering to a certain clientele and wants to maintain an adult-centered environment. It's Las Vegas; kids should not be hanging out in casinos or bars. But why would Wynn inhibit a typical non-guest family who wanted to enjoy a meal or shop in the mall from doing so? Sure families aren't going to be spending money in a casino hotel the same way child-free gamblers might, but if Junior wants to eat at Daniel Boulud (and parents are okay with that) why stop them?

[photo: HotelChatter]

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