War on goody bag garbage

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I have a hatred of clutter which is unbecoming for anyone who decided to have not just one child but two. Nonetheless, my hatred of small pieces of clutter drives me in a constant battle against Polly Pocket and Hot Wheels.
It's this hatred of clutter that's driven some of my friends and I to adopt a no-clutter birthday party goody bag policy. Instead of a lot of little items we pick one or two larger items and call it a goody bag. For my friend's daughter's birthday she sent the girl's home with a couple of Littlest Pet Shop pets and for my daughter's last birthday we sent home some pretty soap and lip gloss.

For my son's party last weekend we sent a custom designed mix CD home with all my son's favorite music (Spongebob music and superhero tunes). We also made up custom iron-ons with the same artwork we used on a birthday sign for parents to put on the kids tshirts if they choose.

Cheap, easy and unlikely to get sucked up in the vacuum cleaner.

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