Preschool field trip: Arts and Scraps

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Today I went with my son's preschool to a very cool place, Arts and Scraps, which recycles discarded items into artistic creations. The center recycles 28 tons of material, sent to them from area businesses, annually.

I'm not the most creative person, so each new project we did at the center had my mouth hanging open saying, "I never would have thought of that." We used discarded foam, art posters, tickets, film strips and cardboard cylinders to make a flower necklace, a noisemaker filled with beads and a windsock. I know you can't even imagine how we did all that but we really did.

I checked their website for other similar centers around the U.S. at least. Here's a list with quite a few, one even in Canada (and we all know how I feel about Canada).

The best part of the outing though is that I managed not to stab myself with any sharp implements. Though I did take an incredible amount of ribbing.


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