Party favor rudeness

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From the Tipline, Terri's wondering if it's bad form to return a party favor you don't want to the party host. At her son's birthday party, a mother came up to Terri explaining how her daughter doesn't play with cars or eat candy so she should just keep it to give to the birthday boy.

I mentioned last week how vehemently I hate goody bag clutter, so on the one hand I understand the mother's point of view. On the other hand I think that's exceedingly rude. The goody bag, the one I hate so much, is a gift from the host of the party to the attendees.

Would you hand back a poorly chosen gift from a well meaning relative under the Christmas tree? I think it's a similar train of thought here. It's in poor taste to hand back any gift given to you. Yes I realize I've admitted to tossing candy and rubber balls from goody bags, but I don't do it in front of the party hosts.

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