At-home drug testing is big business

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Parents are increasingly using drug-testing labs and at home drug testing kits to make sure their teens aren't using drugs. Schools are promoting the at-home testing, with some hanging banners and sending home brochures for in school hallways.

As such these internet businesses are booming. Parents feel empowered by being able to tell if their kids are putting themselves in danger and kids may have a "socially acceptable" reason to reject drugs. Some kids feel the tests humiliate and embarass them.

Seventeen-year-old Matt Muir's response in the article is the one which gives me pause. He admits to occasionally using marijuana but feels his mother's concerns are "overdrawn and exaggerated". He was humiliated when she tried to force him to urinate in a cup in front of her while facing a wall.

But, he says, parents who approve of marijuana use are "...not good people." His mother's in a bit of a pickle then it seems. Muir feels she should pretend not to know and "look the other way", still though she can't 'approve' of his drug use.

Oh parenting teenagers is going to be so much fun.

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