Is it "tacky" to take your kids into a liquor store?

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Tipster Heather points us to a recent post by Theresa Walsh Giarruso in the blogs which ponders the question, "Is it tacky to take your children with you to buy liquor?" Giarruso was making sangria and needed Triple Sec which she didn't have. She "opted to sub in another orange-flavored liqueur because I didn’t want to take my children into the liquor store to buy the other ingredient." (And dare I say, if the other orange-flavored liqueur was Grand Marnier, her sangria was probably a 1000 times better for it. But, I digress.)

Just this weekend, I took my three-year-old with me to BevMo to buy wine. I didn't think any of it. In fact, ahead of me in line was a hugely pregnant woman buying 6 bottles of wine and a bottle of sparkling water, as if to say, "It's okay that I'm buying all this wine, because I have the water, see?" I remember feeling extremely self-conscious buying alcohol when I was pregnant. Just because I abstained, didn't mean my dinner guests had to.

In Portland, where you can only buy liquor at state run liquor stores, I admit that I felt uneasy taking my children there. I did once (they were given lollipops), but I felt so dirty that after that I went alone. But in grocery stores, just like Giarruso mentions, I'm not embarrassed to buy beer or wine. In California, where I live now, you can buy all kinds of alcohol in the grocery store and I don't think twice about it.

So, is it trashy or tacky to take your kids with you when you buy liquor? Or is it only trashy if you need two carts and ask your kids to help you with keg?
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