Parents furious over play-doh genitalia

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Parents of students who attend a preschool in Russellton, Pennsylvania are furious today, after the nursery school program that they hoped would help mold their children's minds instead taught them how to mold play-doh into grotesque orange and hot pink male genitalia.  A group of ninth-graders who supposedly help a single teacher work with the nursery school kids, showed the tots exactly how to use play-doh to make male "body parts", i.e. penises, schlongs, wieners, pee-pees, dongs, johnsons, john thomases, etc. While not the most difficult part of the human anatomy to make with play-doh (roll dough between palms, add lump for head), reports from the classroom indicate at least most were anatomically correct (although some purportedly exaggerated the average male's length and girth).

Deer Lakes School spokeswoman Kathryn Makuta says as a result of the incident, all the teenagers were removed from the program and replaced with different teenagers.Many parents have pulled their kids out of the program. According to this article, there are also other allegations that some of the teenagers were not treating the toddlers nicely. The nerve of those teenagers! The parents are so upset, they are considering a lawsuit. Well, it would be positively un-American not to!

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