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We've told you about moms going on strike and even couples going on strike in an effort to make their families or children appreciate what they do and to maybe chip in themselves once in a while. Now a husband has decided to go on strike to draw attention to his plight.

James and Valentina Wilson are butting heads about what it means to be good parents to their two-year-old and three-month-old children. James says his wife is spoiling the children and sacrificing their marriage in the process. Valentina says their time to be a couple was before the children arrived, now it's time for family.

What are James' demands? He wants their bedroom to be a sanctuary for the two of them. As it is, his wife and the baby sleep in their bed and James sleeps on the sofa. He wants to go on dates with his wife, she insists the children come with them on their nights out. James wants his son to have an earlier bedtime, but Valentina likes the later bedtime so she can spend more time with the little boy after she gets home from work.

Valentina says they'll have time together when the kids are older and for now this is the way things have to be. She says she loves being a mother and feels it's her duty to nurture them. She also says most mothers will agree with her.

To that, I say.....HA!My friend Stephanie brought this article from the Free Press to my house yesterday for our weekly playgroup. Four of us talked about it and we all agreed with James (for the most part). Which I found ironic since James thought most dads would agree with him and most moms would agree with Valentina.

We all believed that nurturing a marriage is as important as nurturing your children, and those two tasks are not mutually exclusive. My biggest issue with Valentina's thought that they'll have time when the kids are older is: if you don't keep something for the two of you while you're raising your children, by the time they leave you won't have anything left.

I'm sure in the Wilson family there's some room for compromise but both sides are going to have to give a little. I love my kids, but my job as a mother will never cost me my time as a part of the couplehood that started this family. I can't tell you how important I think that is.

Make sure you read the original article and if you'd like check out James' blog, then tell us what you think.

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