Tooth Fairy accomodations: great tips from the comments

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I wrote earlier this week about the tooth fairy slacking off quite a bit, forgetting to pick up teeth and deliver the goods to two sleeping girls in particular.

In the comments several people had some suggestions for helping 'The Tooth Fairy' remember to pick up the tooth. I had never considered anything but tucking the tooth under a pillow. But since the 'Tooth Fairy' is often really tired at the end of the day, she sometimes doesn't remember to check under a pillow - out of sight, out of mind.

Belinda suggested having the newly de-toothed child write a note about losing the tooth to stick on the bedroom door frame before bed. So that as the 'Tooth Fairy' stumbles to bed she might be reminded.

Katie's family used (and still uses) a special Tooth Fairy saucer from the china cabinet which stayed on the kitchen counter to help the Tooth Fairy collect the teeth.

I really like this idea since once, the 'Tooth Fairy' was caught red-handed with glitter and a quarter in her hand as she attempted to extract the tooth from underneath my very light sleeping daughter's head. Since our 'Tooth Fairy' looks remarkably like me, I stuffed the glitter in my pocket and pretended I was 'just checking to see' if the Tooth Fairy had made it. And OH MY GOSH! She did! Here's your quarter! Smooth.

Meg has a great suggestion to explain a Tooth Fairy's missed visit, I'm sure I'll have to use at some point in the future. Her niece got a note from the Tooth Fairy thanking her for her clean room, because sometimes the Tooth Fairy has tripped on a toy while working in the dark and broken a wing. This makes her miss work as you might imagine.

A clean room and a Tooth Fairy visit remembered? Perfect.

Photo from Big-E-Mr-G.

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