Apple iPhoto photo books: quick and easy to make

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iPhoto bookWith a couple of special occassions coming up, I decided to finally try out the "make a book" option bundled with my iPhoto application. Users have the option of choosing hard- or soft-bound books using one of several themes. You can arrange photos however you like using different templates. You can even add text for a professional look.

I chose to make medium-sized (8" x 6"), soft-bound books using the "contemporary template." Creating the books took no time at all, in fact the longest part was choosing the photos to include and how to arrange them.  Once that was done, I simply dragged and dropped the photos from my iPhoto library onto the template, added in my text, and with "one-click ordering" turned on, I hit one button and my order was processing.

The books are 20 pages long, and the size that I chose cost $9.99 plus shipping. A regular photo album costs more. (Not to mention photo developing and printing.) I made my books on Sunday afternoon and got email notification this morning that they had been shipped. Not bad. I don't have time to sit and scrapbook, but I can squeeze out 15-20 minutes to choose some photos and have someone else do it for me.

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