The Busy Body Book: Keeping a calendar-challenged mom on track

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Something happened to my brain when I gave birth to my second baby. That little chip that used to help me maintain a meticulous family calendar apparently moved on.  In its place is nothing but an empty space that's caused me to miss doctor's appointments and a birthday party, and overschedule myself to no end. I've always been a big fan of the Franklin-Covey day planners, but it wasn't working for me this time around. I've tried different tools, like Yahoo! Calendar, but I'm a paper gal. I want to hold the calendar in my hand and have it available for quick notes or additions.

The folks who make the family organizer, Busy Body Book, recently contacted Blogging Baby and I signed myself up to test out the product.  It's a week-at-a-glance calendar that includes five columns to keep track of family members, activities, or something like meals slated for the week. It's light enough to keep in medium size purse or diaper bag.

I'm on week three with Busy Body Book and it's been incredibly useful in keeping track of the fam. I have a column for me, my husband and my two sons. I used the last column for family activities, like birthday parties, road trips or dinner parties (well, maybe just dreaming of the day we can resume dinner parties). I put bills that need to be paid in the back pocked of the book and jot down their due dates in the calendar. And, I keep the Busy Body Book in the kitchen where I can easily spot it.Here's what I haven't used yet: the monthly calendars that you can download, or the the "important peoples page." I don't have the time to transfer information from my address book into the book. Nor do I feel like printing out a month-at-a-glance page. The book also comes with stickers to highlight important events, but they are too wide and spill into the other columns. A little smaller and they'd be perfect.

But I like the Busy Body Book. It's easy to use and inexpensive. It covers 15 months beginning in September. The current edition, September '05 - December '06,  is on sale for US$9.98. It regularly sells for US$19.95.

Have you used the Busy Body Book? What did you think?

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