Cooking Rocks Challenge: Turning to "old reliables"

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As I've told my Blogging Baby colleagues, daylight savings sent my family into a sleep tailspin this week. Besides sleeping in too late, nap (or no nap) insanity, and general crankiness, both of my boys have been going to sleep as early as 6 p.m. - which is not a bad thing. But it did limit the crazedparent household from participating in Week 11 of the Cooking Rocks Challenge. I had to turn to some old reliables this week. In place of  recipes from Cooking Rocks,I thought I'd share a favorite I made from an old copy of Bon Appetit : Black Bean Vegetable Burritos.

The chopping of bell peppers, tomatoes and an onion is quick. To speed up the prep time, I chop the carrots in my mini food processor. I also omit the the hot peppers from the recipe to eliminate any possibility of Nol claiming the burritos are too spicy. After a quick saute of the veges I added the spices and black beans. While the beans warmed in the veges, I heated up the flour tortillas in a cask-iron skillet. When ready, I layered on the black bean filling and topped it with Monterey jack cheese, avocado, cilantro and sour cream.

Here's the secret that ensures Nol will eat the Black Bean Vegetable Burritos every single time I make them: I wrap them in aluminum foil, restaurant style. He loves peeling back the foil after each bite and showing me the empty wrapper when he's done.

What I really love about this recipe is the leftovers...enough to make burritos for lunch or dinner the next day. Instead of using flour tortillas, I substitute corn tortillas and make a quick taco.

Next week I'll be back with our second attempt at Week 11 of the Cooking Rocks Challenge with Monte Cristo and Elvis French Toast Sammies and Fun-Due Dips.


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