Emotional Armor: Empowering t-shirts for women and girls

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Tired of seeing girls in sexist, antifeminist t-shirts?  Well, never fear, a knight in shining armour is on her way:  the Boston Globe is featuring a story on Jenifer Hoffman, the creative mind behind Emotional Armor, a company which sells empowering t-shirts.

'In every store, there were messages on apparel for adults and children of negativity, sexual innuendo, and violence," says Hoffman. ''I thought, I'll just make T-shirts I feel my kids, myself, and others should embrace, with positive reminders of what's important."

These shirts are fantastic. The messages have the same saucy attitude of other, more offensive shirts -- except these don't offend, they empower, with slogans like "Princess.  Not in need of rescue," and "The free.  The brave."  And get this:  proceeds benefit the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and a cultural arts enrichment program in Newburyport's elementary schools.

Unfortunately, her website isn't up and running yet, so if you need to buy a shirt immediately, you'll have to contact Hoffman directly at hoffjnfr@aol.com. But let me just say this:  Jenifer, if you read this, once your website's up and running, send us a tip -- I'll personally buy one of every one of your women and kids designs for myself and my daughter.  Because I think this is great.

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