Lelli Kelly shoes for girls: cute, stylish, and, yes, practical

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Confession time: There is a little bit of a label whore that lives inside of me. Now, in my defense, I do have a practical side and I hate shopping, so these two qualities work in tandem to keep me from going totally nuts. But I'm not ashamed to admit that I don't mind spending money on quality products that last. This is the reason why I try to avoid buying kids' clothes at big box stores. Even if the clothes are appealing, my experience has been that they will shrink, fall apart, or fade apart after just a few washings. I'd rather have hand-me-down Hanna Andersson or Zutano clothing any day. I have two girls so I feel justified in spending a little more on their clothes knowing that everything will get two wearings.

Case-in-point: Lelli Kelly shoes for girls. These shoes are whimsical and fun, and have that girly-girl appeal that my preschooler is all about right now. They retail for around USD $55. I love the unique styles. I also like the fact that they are multi-purpose: they're perfect for the playground and for parties. No need for two pairs of shoes, when one will do the trick. Most of the shoes are athletic styles with rubberized soles and padded in-steps. Even though they seem fancy (with the sequins and beading), they are practical. We've been through several pairs and I can say that they hold up well. They are my daughter's favorite shoes and she wears them everyday.

If you are looking for cute shoes that hold up, I highly recommend Lelli Kelly.

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