Hug heard around the country: school parent speaks out

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Julie Berry is the mother of a child in the same Maynard, Massachusetts kindergarten class where hugging is strictly forbidden. She's written her take on things at Metro West Daily News, and it's a much different view of the so called Hugging Crisis.

She questions the reliability of the young people involved in the situation and calls the whole thing nothing more than an overblown headline grabbing story.

TJ left a comment on my original blog about this situation letting me know about the Berry column. I hoped the column would add more information to the story, so I read it with an open mind.

No, we're in agreement, "1. A hug took place. 2. The perpetrator was reminded to keep their hands to themselves, and asked to write a note to that effect. 3. The parents called a television news crew."

The question is still, in my mind, are hugs patently 'bad' and something in need of a note and reminder to keep our hands to ourselves? I still sort of think hugs are nice things. [Image courtesy of swarve]

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