Over-the-top Easter gift: diamond-encrusted chocolate egg

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Still looking for that special item to include in your child's Easter basket? Why not consider the Diamond Stella Egg currently on display at La Maison du Chocolat in London. Yes, you'll have to travel to London to pick it up, but what's a little last minute airfare expense when you're spending $82,025 on a chocolate egg?

The Diamond Stella Egg is embellished with 100 half-carat diamonds and is about as tall as your toddler. According to our sister site, Luxist, "the chocolate egg came from Paris and once in London a chef melted small parts of the egg in order to attach the diamonds. The inside of the egg includes peach and apricot chocolate and pralines."

Hey, Kimora Lee Simmons!  I'm sure your kids will love this! Talk about fabulosity!

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