Britney says baby Sean is "doing fine" after being dropped on his head

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Earlier this week J.D. Griffioen told us about child welfare authorities and a sheriff paying a visit to Britney Spears' home, and really, were we surprised? So let's break down what actually happened.

According to People, a source revealed that on April 1, while the nanny was "lifting (seven-month-old Sean) from his high chair, something snapped in the chair and (he) slipped from her arms and fell to the floor, bruising his head." I'm sure it was a horrifying situation. (Quick aside: I would like to know what "snapped" in the chair, and what kind of high chair Britney has. If there is a defect, let's talk about it, right?)

The People article goes on to say that "a doctor came to the house that day and examined the child; he seemed fine."  However, six days later, "Spears and Federline became concerned and took Sean Preston to Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center to have him checked out."  The source adds that "no serious problems were found" despite persistent rumors that Sean fractured his skull.

A second source (so many sources...) chimes in to say "Spears, Federline and their son are back home and doing fine now."  Well, thank goodness for that. No, really.

The hospital filed a report with the DCFS and following protocol, a sheriff's deputy accompanied the DCFS authorities to the Spears-Federline home. They stayed a half hour and no report was filed.

So let's review. In the first seven months of your child's life:

  1. You get busted from having your kid in a car (in a dangerous situation) without a carseat
  2. You are photographed looking absent while your nanny feeds your child on an escalator at a mall
  3. You have child welfare authorities and law enforcement called on you. For the second time. (see number 1).
Gosh, I never thought havin' a kid would be so hard, y'all!!!!

Seriously. What is up with Britney and Kevin? Are they the worst parents in the whole world or are they just "having trouble adjusting" and they'll figure it out soon?

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