Urban Baby Runway rates "big fashions for small people"

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urban baby runwayI love this idea for a website. Urban Baby Runway is a product review site that is like Baby Chic 101 meets Baby Bargains with a little sass thrown in for good measure.

Mama C-ta, one of my favorite bloggers, started the site which taps into her obsession for finding "the coolest baby gear on a very limited budget." She says, "Everywhere we went we were complimented on (my baby's) style so I began to think we may actually have something going. I started to share some of my finds on my 'Mommy Blog,' Mama C-ta."

People enjoyed hearing about her finds so much that creating the Urban Baby Runway site seemed like a natural evolution. Mama C-ta tracks down the hippest clothes and the coolest gear, and thoroughly reviews each and every product. She rates each item on as five-star system based on different criteria such a price, quality, fit, and durability, and then gives each product her overall rating.

Looking for hip baby gear? Check out Urban Baby Runway!

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