Car seats and planes: what are the rules?

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Thank to tipster Kim who points out that since travel season is quickly upon us, it's a great time to talk about carseats and airplanes.  She's about to buy a new carseat and wants to make sure it will fit on the airplane.

When purchasing a new carseat, make sure that it is labelled as FAA-approved. Somewhere on the seat a label should read, "This restraint certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft." To fit into a typical coach seat, the car seat should be no wider than 16 inches. If you'd like to know more, Babycenter has an excellent article which explains everything from how to choose a seat to how to install it properly.

I do know that our Britax Roundabout has fit on United, American, and Alaska Airlines seats. We use it with our toddler. (Our preschooler sits in a regular seat and has since she was about two.) If you are a seasoned family traveller, please chime in with the kind of seat you have and if it fits on planes. If you'd like to share any problems you've had with carseats on planes, please share that as well.

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